You've seen the book, now get it for free (2024)

For all those who may be searching for new ways to draw closer to and truly know Christ, a new book offers a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint perspective on the journey to God through spiritual rebirth.

"Putting on Christ" by author Steven Anthony Bishop seeks to inspire those who are diligent truth seekers. And for a limited time, readers can get a free e-book version.

"For the true seeker and truth seeker, 'Putting On Christ' may prove a valuable guide for the journey along [the] straight and narrow path which leads to obtaining the knowledge of God on the same level as if we had seen Him," says Bishop.

"When we receive this knowledge, we will have been healed and cleansed by Christ himself of our sins, vices, and spiritual wounds."

If this appeals to you, here are a few other reasons why you might want to add "Putting on Christ" to your reading list.

A road map for your journey to spiritual rebirth

"Putting on Christ" is more than just a feel-good religious book — it's designed to help you change your life by bringing you to truly know the Savior. Several reviewers have reaffirmed that the book doesn't just teach you about Christ; it helps you to truly come to know Him personally. Bishop points to this new reality and perfect knowledge by sharing the stories of nine people who've been born of God in our latter or modern day. Chapter 8 alone highlights the experiences of seven of them.

According to Bishop, these stories of coming to know God through spiritual rebirth, being "born of the spirit," are "on par with many who have entered God's Presence through a near-death experience." In either scenario, God's reality will have been obtained with a perfect knowledge and certainty and people's hearts will have thereby been changed forever. Reading these accounts — along with the pertinent doctrine of Christ which will highlight the steps to obtain such an indescribable reality — will help the reader understand what that experience might feel and be like for themselves through obedience to this very doctrine.

What readers are saying about the book

The consensus among readers is that a diligent study of this book can lead to a profound change of heart and a perfect experiential knowledge as to the reality and divinity of the living Christ and of His (conditional) promise to us personally and individually of eternal life. The prophet Nephi in "The Book of Mormon" refers to this level of knowledge as a "perfect brightness."

"This doctrine-filled, scripture-supported, focus on Christ material is not the kind of book you read through quickly," writes one Amazon reviewer. "It takes study, pondering, and digestion of these truths. It takes effort on our part to recognize where we are on this journey. Often, the author shares something that touches my heart so strongly that I nearly cry from having such direct answers. This book is a huge blessing!"

Another reviewer wrote, "I have found a book that speaks [to] what I've been longing to find. It is soul-stretching and heartbreaking. I have found understanding where I am on the path and I have awoken to my awful situation. Now time to gird up my loins acting in patience and diligence seeking the only one who can save my wretched soul."

A recent reviewer on Amazon wrote, "The instructions to fill your Lamps with oil, Come unto Christ and be redeemed are indeed found within the scriptures, but having some help to see is priceless! This book contains the divinely inspired instructions along with real life experience, not only from the author but many others. It is extremely well written, very thorough, is backed up by sound scriptural doctrine and quotes from modern day Apostles and Prophets. An absolute must read for anyone who is serious about growing closer to God, receiving a true remission of sins and to be made spotless by the power of Christ Himself."

You've seen the book, now get it for free (1)

About the author and cover artist

Author Steven Anthony Bishop has worked as an entrepreneur most of his professional life. His company, Vescovo Buonarroti Art, LLC, received the first-ever-granted worldwide exclusive license to replicate Michelangelo's incomparable "La Pietà" from the Vatican Observatory Foundation, making its replicas available worldwide for viewing (See

World-renowned artist Joseph Brickey did the artwork on the front cover of the book. Brickey has granted the copyright for several of his paintings to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He's also the artist who painted the large mural that acts as a backdrop behind Christ and the Twelve Apostles in the Rome, Italy, Temple visitor's center.

How to get your copy of 'Putting on Christ

If you count yourself among the diligent seekers who are searching for more than just the next great Christian read, you can get a copy of "Putting on Christ" on the book's website or on Amazon. The book recently came out in audio format and will soon be available in 10 languages.

"Putting on Christ" is an Amazon #1 National Bestseller in nine categories and is a top seller among Latter-day Saint-authored books on Amazon. All profits from the book will go toward remarketing of the book as well as helping to feed and shelter the homeless.

In the words of the author, "The path is real and He is coming. Waste no time." Get your copy of "Putting on Christ" today!

You've seen the book, now get it for free (2024)


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