WWE King And Queen Of The Ring 2024: 5 Smart Booking Decisions (2024)

The inaugural WWE King & Queen of the Ring pay-per-view, emanating from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, may not be equivalent to WrestleMania, but it’s a critical show en route to SummerSlam.

Among the most notable bouts on the PPV card are Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul for the WWE Championship, Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan for the WWE Women’s World title and a pair of King—and Queen—of the Ring tournament finals matches. With Triple H recently announcing that those two tournament winners will receive a championship match at SummerSlam, the stakes are higher than ever. After all, the outcomes of these important bouts will go a long way toward establishing new top stars on Raw and SmackDown as well as creating new storylines for those stars.

The King and Queen of the Ring winners will be in line for significant pushes into the main event scene while Rhodes’ title defense could reinvigorate what has been a somewhat mundane title run thus far. Additional title matches, including a highly anticipated Intercontinental title bout, will only further dictate future storylines.

How should these matches play out? Well, here are five smart booking decisions WWE must make at the first-ever King & Queen of the Ring event.

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Gunther Wins WWE King of the Ring Tournament

How can WWE reinvigorate Gunther after he lost the Intercontinental title to Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 40? By immediately giving him another dominant run and signature victory over a legend in Randy Orton.

That’s precisely what a King of the Ring victory would accomplish for Gunther, whose gimmick would be perfectly fitting of the title of “King.” After the most impressive IC title reign in WWE history, Gunther is clearly going to be elevated up the card, into the main event and perhaps even into the World Heavyweight Championship picture.


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Thus, the next stepping stone for “The Ring General” is a massive KOTR victory in Saudi Arabia, one that would wash away the stench of his loss to Zayn and establish him as the No. 1 contender, likely for Raw’s World title. Gunther is one of WWE’s best-booked stars this decade, and WWE can’t risk having his momentum cut short with a second marquee loss in as many months.

Given his consistently great work, Gunther as a world title contender—and potential world champion—is a no-brainer, even with Raw’s crowded world title scene. Although an Orton vs. Rhodes feud is tempting, a win over Orton would give Gunther perhaps the biggest win of his WWE career while Orton can easily recover from any loss.

Lyra Valkyria Earns WWE Queen of the Ring Crown

Of all the recent WWE NXT call-ups, Lyra Valkyria has been perhaps the biggest surprise success story thus far.

It’s not that Valkyria isn’t an accomplished star. In fact, she is a former NXT Women’s Champion, having defeated Becky Lynch to win that title. It’s just that her rise has happened quicker than expected. Perhaps not ironically, Valkyria has been loosely associated with Lynch on Raw, and that’s helped her develop a fairly strong initial connection with the WWE main roster fan base.

Even with the success she had in NXT, Valkyria is essentially a new face to Raw and SmackDown fans, but it’s clear that she has the potential to be a significant player in Raw’s women’s division. There is perhaps no better way to send that message to fans than to have Valkyria win the Queen of the Ring Tournament, beating a nearly unbeatable star in Nia Jax in the process.

That would be a great way to kickstart a strong push in what is essentially her “rookie” year in WWE, while also potentially leading to a world title rematch with Lynch.

Chad Gable Wins The WWE Intercontinental Championship

WWE decided to have Sami Zayn—not Chad Gable—end Gunther’s historic Intercontinental Championship reign, and at the time, that felt like a misguided move.

However, Gable has since turned heel and is thriving in that role. Now, he feels like the right man to take that Intercontinental title from the wildly popular Zayn mere weeks after Zayn won it at WrestleMania 40. WWE has the perfect out in the situation, too.

Bronson Reed has been added to this feud to make it a triple threat match in Saudi Arabia, and as the least pushed star of the three, he’s likely there to take the pin. As he should be. Given Gable’s new heel persona, it would be more than fitting for him to win the IC title by beating Zayn without actually beating him.

That way, the long-running but entertaining Zayn vs. Gable rivalry can be extended without Reed involved.

Liv Morgan Cheats To Defeat Becky Lynch

WWE has been teasing a heel turn for Liv Morgan, who injured Rhea Ripley and cost her the WWE Women’s World Championship, currently held by Lynch.

Morgan’s storyline assault on Ripley essentially turned Ripley Babyface while Morgan has settled in nicely as a tweener who is loved by some but hated by many. Imagine, then, if Morgan sidelines Ripley and follows that up by defeating Lynch—arguably WWE's most popular female star—using underhanded tactics.

Given that Lynch reportedly has yet to sign a new contract mere weeks away from its her current contract’s expiration, it’s the right time for “The Man” to drop the title. Morgan is the perfect star to defeat Lynch because a cheap victory would solidify her as a heel, potentially send Lynch packing and set up a return feud with Ripley.

That’s an easy way to book an entertaining storyline that could carry Raw all the way into 2025 if done right.

Cody Rhodes Retains His WWE Title Against Logan Paul

Cody Rhodes vs. Logan Paul—a battle of SmackDown’s two singles champion—shows the lack of depth on the blue brand, with a significant drop-off from Rhodes to essentially the entire remainder of the roster.

That being said, the Rhodes vs. Paul rivalry, although brief, has been built well thus far and is producing a compelling storyline between two of SmackDown’s biggest stars. It is odd, though, that WWE would basically book itself into a corner because neither star should be losing at this point.

With Paul likely to play a major role at SummerSlam in his hometown of Cleveland and Rhodes in the early stage of what figures to be a lengthy WWE Championship reign, a controversial non-finish is a realistic possibility. But with this match as the likeliest headliner, a convoluted ending shouldn’t close out the show.

The lesser of two booking evils here is Rhodes winning a hard-fought battle, retaining his championship cleanly and moving on to yet another new challenger that frees up Paul for a US title feud with someone like LA Knight.

WWE King And Queen Of The Ring 2024: 5 Smart Booking Decisions (2024)


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