Confocal Microscopy Platforms (2024)

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1 1 Power to see more The synergy between the Power HyD detector family, optimized beam path, and White Light Lasers (WLL) empowers you to obtain more accurate and reliable data to test your hypothesis with precision Scroll to feature

The POWER to see more

ThePower HyD detectorfamily provides higher photon detection efficiency (PDE)* extremely low dark noise, and sensitive spectral detection from 410 to 850 nm.

  • Enhanced image quality: STELLARIS provides an ideal combination of brightness, resolution and contrast.
  • Complete spectral freedom: Our next-generation White Light Lasers allow you to simultaneously use up to 8 single excitation lines from across the spectrum. Image more fluorophore combinations than with any other confocal platform and use more labels in parallel, expanding your options into the NIR range.
  • Gentle Live Cell Imaging: Preserve your sample’s integrity and image for longer periods of time through efficient signal acquisition at the lowest required levels of illumination

*2x higher Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE) compared to conventional multi-alkali Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) and 3x higher in the extended red range.

Confocal Microscopy Platforms (2) Confocal Microscopy Platforms (3)

2 2 Potential to discover more TauSense gives instant access to lifetime-based information, delivering additional insights to your experiments Scroll to feature

The POTENTIAL to discover more

STELLARIS unique TauSensetechnologyallows you to extract an extra layer of information from every sample and increase the scientific impact of your research. TauSense is comprised of application-oriented imaging tools based on fluorescence lifetime that you can use to explore the function of molecules within the cellular context.

  • TauContrast provides immediate access to functional information, such as metabolic status, pH, and ion concentration.
  • TauGating improves the quality of your images by removing unwanted fluorescence contributions.
  • TauSeparation helps you expand the combination of fluorescent signals in your experiment beyond the spectral options.
  • TauInteraction provides straightforward detection and quantification of molecular interactions (e.g. protein-protein interaction).
3 3 Productivity to do more The ImageCompass user interface enables you to acquire images with just a few clicks, even when doing complex experiments Scroll to feature

The PRODUCTIVITY to do more

Streamlined setup and acquisition: ImageCompass, the STELLARIS smart user interface, provides users with an easy and intuitive way to set up even the most complex experiments with just a few clicks.

  • Simply fast: Superb image quality in real time and at full speed with theLIGHTNING super-resolution, Dynamic Signal Enhancement (DSE), and the powerful AI feature AiviaMotion.
  • Intuitive User Interface: ImageCompass guides you from the experiment setup through acquisition.
  • Optimize your experiment: Tools like LAS X Navigator are seamlessly integrated for straightforward imaging.

Image analysis for hidden insights

Aivia and LAS X, advanced image analysis software solutions from Leica Microsystems empower you to take your microscopy-based research to the next level.

By combining STELLARIS with Leica’s AI-driven image analysis software Aivia, you can gain meaningful insights from your microscopy imaging data through a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Image: The maturation states relate to distinct pH values, captured via a change in the fluorescence lifetime of the NIR stain using the TauSeparation tool available in TauSense. In this example, four stages are identified from early to late endosomes and lysosomes (cyan, yellow, magenta, red). The individual endosomes are identified and tracked using the Aivia 3D Object Tracking tool (color-coded spheres and traces). Aivia analysis returns relevant parameters for characterization of the endocytic pathway, e.g. path length, mean track velocity, mean diffusion coefficient, mean curvature.

Image analysis solutions

Access data that matter

Get high-quality results faster with Autonomous Microscopy powered by Aivia.

  • The AI-based rare event detection workflow for life science on STELLARIS autonomously detects up to 90 % of rare events in biological samples.
  • Radically shorten the data acquisition time by up to 70 %, as objects of interest are exclusively identified and recorded. This exclusivity also saves you a big amount of space on your hard drive.
  • Spend less time at the microscope: The autonomous rare event detection workflow requires only a fraction of the time you would usually need.
  • Conduct experiments that were previously not possible due to time constraints and complexity with Autonomous Microscopy powered by Aivia.


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STELLARIS 5 delivers the very best of our platform. It is a completely re-imagined core system that sets a new standard for confocal microscopy. It is the only confocal system with an integrated WLL, combined with our proprietary Acousto-Optical Beam Splitter (AOBS) and new Power HyD S detectors. Together with the new and unique TauSense technology, STELLARIS 5 sets a new standard for the quality of images and quantity of information generated. This perfected imaging performance is easily attainable thanks to the smart user interface, ImageCompass, which guides you through your experiment set up and acquisition in an easy and intuitive manner.


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STELLARIS 8 is a forward-looking system, offering all the benefits of the STELLARIS 5 core system plus added functionality thanks to an extended spectrum WLL and specialized detector options of the Power HyD family. This allows you to expand the range of confocal applications in your research. STELLARIS 8 can be combined with all Leica Microsystems modalities, including FAst Lifetime CONtrast (FALCON), Deep In Vivo Explorer (DIVE), STED, Digital Light Sheet (DLS) and CARS. STELLARIS 8 new features maximize the potential of these modalities and give you the power and potential to set new standards for research.


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ImageCompass,LIGHTNING,Dynamic signal enhancement, Navigator






STED - Stimulated Emission Depletion


DIVE - Multicolor Multiphoton


FALCON - Fluorescence Lifetime


DLS - Digital Light Sheet



CRS - Coherent Raman Scattering


x = included, o = optional, - = not available

Confocal Microscopy Platforms (2024)


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