13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (2024)

These 13 gluten free quick bread recipes for everything from banana, cinnamon swirl and cranberry to zucchini and pumpkin. Not every muffin can be a quick bread, but these get the job done!

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (1)

Gluten free quick breads are not exactly like cake and not like cupcakes either. They're not yeast breads, as they make use of chemical leaveners (baking soda and baking powder) rather than yeast to rise. They tend to have less sugar than cakes ?, but it's not like you're going to make a sandwich on a quick bread. ?

Cakes and cupcakes are, technically, quick breads. But to me and for the purposes of this round up, it's not a quick bread unless it's baked in a loaf pan. And you can't just take any old cake or cupcake recipe and throw it in a loaf pan and bake away. Well, you can (free country!) but sometimes it'll work and sometimes it won't. It can be very frustrating (*ask me how I know this*).

But there is something super satisfying about serving yourself a thick slice of a quick bread. I always like my slice with a generous smear of butter, even though I never put butter on a muffin. If you order a muffin in a diner, though, you better believe they're going to slice that muffin in half, toast it and serve it with butter. But I never, ever that do that myself. Mysteries abound!

These are some of my favorite gluten free quick bread recipes. By the way, although I love pound cake and have plenty of recipes for different kinds of gluten free pound cake if you wanna be technical about it, they're not quick breads. No chemical leaveners.

Here's the 10¢ tour of these gluten free quick bread recipes and what I love about each of them:

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (2)

This super simple recipe forchocolate chip yogurt quick bread always makes a perfect loaf. It's moist and tender, with a nice mild tang from the plain yogurt. The miniature chocolate chips are optional, but it's hard to imagine why you'd opt out…

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (3)

Gluten free peanut butter bread is low in sugar and with no butter or oil, but still moist and tender, and full of peanut flavor. When I say “full of peanut flavor,” I really mean it. If you don't love peanut butter, keep scrolling!

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (4)

Our one bowl gluten free banana bread will make a Shoestring Evangelist out of the most skeptical of gluten free home bakers. So many of you have told me that it's become your favorite quick bread of all, gluten free or not. It always comes out perfectly. Want a sweeter loaf? Use really ripe bananas!

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (5)

What if you love banana bread but you're avoiding rice flour? Our Paleo banana bread is made with the perfect combination of almond flour and coconut flour, three bananas and just a touch of honey for added sweetness. As a bonus, you make this easy quick bread batter in the blender.

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (6)

If your family ever goes on a weekday breakfast strike, like mine does from time to time, tempt them right back in with this gluten free cinnamon swirl bread. It’s an offer they can’t refuse! Seriously. I'd like to see them try.

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (7)

This lightly sweetgluten free honey bread is just perfect with a smear of butter and an extra drizzle of honey.

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (8)

Gluten free lemon zucchini bread takes the classic zucchini loaf to another level with a pop of citrus flavor from lemon juice and zest. A simple lemon glaze brings it all the way to wow.

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (9)

This soft and tender gluten free strawberry bread is lightly sweet and packed with strawberry flavor. It's a perfect alternative to banana bread, and it can even be made with frozen berries in the cold months. That's what I do!

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (10)

Made with my perennial favorite, homemade pumpkin butter, this gluten free pumpkin bread is surprisingly light and fluffy. And it doesn't hurt that it's packed with pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin butter is sooooo much better for baking than straight-up pumpkin puree.

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (11)

The classic sweet zucchini bread. You just can't go wrong withgluten free chocolate chip zucchini bread. Zucchini really keeps it moist, and otherwise disappears into the bread. You may see it, but you won't taste it!

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (12)

The Cadillac of zucchini breads, this loaf ofgluten free bittersweet chocolate zucchini breadis rich and chocolatey, tender and moist. I may just allow my husband to grow as many zucchini plants as he likes next summer. Usually, I have to rein him in. Next year, the sky's the zucchini limit.Long live zucchini!

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (13)

This gluten free lemon poppyseed bread is a classic, with the subtle taste of fresh lemon from lemon juice and zest. As always, moist and tender every time.

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (14)

Finally,gluten free cranberry breadthat's super moist, lightly sweet and only just a bittart. It’s the perfect quick bread for your holiday table!

So many of you are partial to the marriage of cranberries and orange, and you reported great success substituting out half the milk in this recipe with fresh orange juice and adding some zest. I think this will be the year that I finally try that!


Originally published on the blog in 2014. Much has changed since then!

13 Gluten Free Quick Bread Recipes (2024)


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